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American Experience, The
A series of programs on memorable people and events of the past 100 years in American history. Hosted by David McCullough. See individual titles for descriptions.
Family Gathering, A

Becoming American
30 min color Eng SCA
Traces the relocation path of a refugee family as they leave their native Laos, journey temporarily to Thailand, then finally resettle in Seattle, Washington. Restricted to use by institutions of higher education within the state of Michigan. WNET/13TV; NEW DAY FILMS; 1983

Chen Ning Yang
29 min color Eng SCA
From World of Ideas with Bill Moyers series. Presents Yang, the first Chinese scientist to win the Nobel Prize. PUBLIC AFFAIRS TELEVISION; P B S VIDEO; 1988

Faces of the Enemy
58 min color Eng SCA
Presents a series of propaganda images and cartoons created during times of war to discover what drives nations and individuals to kill. QUEST PRODUCTIONS; CATTICUS CORPORATION, THE; 1987

Family Gathering, A
57 min color Eng SCA
From the American Experience series. Tells the dramatic story of the consequences of the U.S. internment policy of Japanese Americans during WWII and one family's long battle to reclaim their place as Americans. WGBH EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION; P B S VIDEO; 1989

Golden Mountain On Mott Street
34 min color Eng JSCA
The story of the Chinese immigrant who came to America seeking his "Golden Mountain". CAROUSEL FILMS INC; 1967

Great Wall, A
103 min color Chi SCA
Chronicles the return of Leo Fang and his American-born wife and son to his native China where they encounter numerous comical cultural clashes. Directed by Peter Wang. In English and Mandarin with English subtitles. Not cleared for public performances. W & S PRODUCTIONS; PACIFIC ARTS VIDEO; 1985

Guilty by Reason of Race
53 min color Eng SCA
Portrays how the fear and prejudice created by war with Japan resulted in the confinement of Japanese-Americans in relocation centers. NATIONAL BROADCASTING SERVICE; FILMS INCORPORATED/PMI; 1972

Home Base: A Chinatown Called Heinlenville
15 min color Eng SCA
Shows the efforts of a group of people to preserve a community called Heinlenville, a landmark town that is a part of Chinese-American culture. AMERICAN FILM FOUNDATION; CAROUSEL FILMS INC; 1991

Inside Chinatown
43 min color Eng SCA
Looks behind the apparent and into the quality of life in San Francisco's Chinatown. CHIN, MICHAEL &DAVID GOLDSTEIN; PHOENIX FILMS; 1977

Mississippi Triangle
110 min color Eng SCA
Documents the inter-ethnic relations in the American South, specifically the Mississippi Delta region where Chinese-Americans, African-Americans and whites live in a world of cotton, work, and racial conflict. THIRD WORLD NEWSREEL; 1984

20 min b&w Eng SCA
The dreams and realities in the life of Sam, an American of Japanese ancestry, are described. UNIV OF CALIF EXTENSION MEDIA; 1973

Save Chinatown
28 min color Eng JSCA
A film made by the Chinese community to document and aid in the successful citizen effort to halt the construction of a freeway ramp that would have cut through and destroyed Philadelphia's Chinatown and demolished the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. LUM, JON WING; WING PRODUCTIONS; 1900

Slaying the Dragon
58 min color Eng CA
Reviews the role of Asian women in film and television and reveals how certain images were developed and sustained. NATL ASIAN AMERICAN TELECOMM A; 1987

Stephen Jay Gould: Evolution and Human Equality
42 min color Eng CA
Presents a lecture by Stephen Jay Gould, noted paleontologist and expert in evolutionary theory. Restricted to use by Univ. of Michigan groups only. GOULD, STEPHEN JAY; INSIGHT VIDEO; 1987

Stories of Maxine Hong Kingston, The
55 min color Eng SCA
From World of Ideas with Bill Moyers series. Two-part interview with Maxine Hong Kingston, author of The Woman Warrior and China Men who discusses new images of America as a melting pot where dutiful notions of the Puritan blend with the Monkey Spirit of the Orient to produce a new American consciousness. PUBLIC AFFAIRS TELEVISION; P B S VIDEO; 1990

Unfinished Business
60 min color Eng SCA
Documentary about three Japanese-Americans who refused to be among the over 110,000 men, women and children sent to internment camps during WW II. Restricted to use by University of Michigan groups only. OKAZAKI, STEVEN; MOUCHETTE; 1985

Who Killed Vincent Chin?
82 min color Eng SCA
Relates the facts of the murder of Vincent Chin, a 27-year-old Chinese American, who was celebrating in a Detroit bar when an agrument broke out, ethnic insults were shouted, and Chin was killed by a man with a baseball bat. FILM NEWS NOW; FILMAKERS LIBRARY; 1988

World of Ideas with Bill Moyers Series
Broadcast journalist Bill Moyers hosts this 42-part series which includes interviews with noted writers, politicians, economists, philosophers, historians, theologists, etc. who express their opinions concerning where America and the world stand now and what direction we may be heading. Each expert shares his or her ideas on a variety of subjects. See individual titles for descriptions.
Chen Ning Yang
Stories of Maxine Hong Kingston, The

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