Race & Ethnicity



Agueda Martinez--Our People, Our Country
16 min color Eng JSCA
Explores the history, life and values of Agueda Martinez, a 77 year-old woman of Navajo-Mexican descent. MOCTESUMA ESPARZA PRODUCTIONS, INC.; EDUCATIONAL MEDIA CORP; 1977

American Experience, The
A series of programs on memorable people and events of the past 100 years in American history. Hosted by David McCullough. See individual titles for descriptions. Los Mineros

Ano Nuevo
55 min color Eng CA
Story of twenty-two undocumented workers who stood up for their rights and took their employer to courts. CINEMA GUILD; 1981

Arturo Madrid
29 min color Eng SCA
From World of Ideas with Bill Moyers series. Presents Madrid, a teacher who challenges the stereotypes that keep Hispanics out of the American mainstream. PUBLIC AFFAIRS TELEVISION; P B S VIDEO; 1988

Assault on Affirmative Action
60 min color Eng SCA
From the Frontline series. Explores the issue of reverse discrimination. DOCUMENTARY CONSORTIUM; P B S VIDEO; 1986

Border Brujo
52 min color Eng SCA
Performance artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena, by means of magical incantations performed at an altar, shows that language, in English or Spanish, is the border; he encourages everyone to cross and re-cross these borders, whether they be language, political or geographical, until they become meaningless. Directed by Isaac Artenstein. Use restricted to University of Michigan only. CINEWEST PRODUCTIONS; 1990

Boulevard Nights
102 min color Eng SCA
Story of two brothers, one Los Angeles gang member and the other an ex-gang member, and the effects that the gangs have on their family life and the lives of those around them. Stars Richard Yniguez, Marta Dubois, and Danny De La Paz. Directed by Michael Pressman. Not cleared for public performance. WARNER BROTHERS; WARNER HOME VIDEO; 1979

Break of Dawn
103 min color Eng SCA
Drama based on the true-life story of Pedro J. Gonzalez who introduced Spanish language radio to the United States in Los Angeles in the 1930's. No public performance. CINEWEST PRODUCTIONS; PLATFORM VIDEO; 1988

23 min color Eng IJSCA
Comments of Mexican-Americans who have achieved status in the current economic system are interspersed with those of demonstrators advocating "Chicano power." MITCHELL, J GARY; BFA EDUCTIONAL MEDIA; 1971

Children of Violence
55 min color Eng SCA
Profiles the members of a juvenile gang living in the Chicano community of Oakland, California. QUEST PRODUCTIONS; CATTICUS CORPORATION, THE; 1982

Chulas Fronteras
58 min color Eng SCA
Musica nortena, the Texas-Mexican border region is portrayed in film and music reflecting the personality of the area, its people, their work, and celebrations. BLANK, LES; EDUCATIONAL MEDIA CORP; 1976

CIA's Secret Army
90 min color Eng SCA
A CBS News documentary reporting on secret operations of the CIA. CBS NEWS; CAROUSEL FILMS INC; 1977

Cinco Vidas
52 min color Eng SCA
Studies five individuals living in the East Los Angeles barrio. KNBC-TV; EDUCATIONAL MEDIA CORP; 1972

Closing Door, The: An Investigation of U. S. Immigration Policy
59 min color Eng CA
In-depth examination of U.S. immigration policy, past and present, showing how public opinion, human rights and political issues have historically influenced policy decisions. CINEMA GUILD; 1983

Cooperative Without Borders, A: The First Step
22 min color Eng SCA
Looks at the Mexican migrant worker's efforts to achieve economic stability without having to choose migration as a solution. KELLEY PRODUCTIONS; WEST GLEN COMMUNICATIONS, INC.; 1987

Day Without Sunshine
60 min color Eng SCA
An expose of the deplorable conditions of the migrant worker in the state of Florida, specifically laborers working for the orange juice industry. THURBER, ROBERT AND; NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES; 1976

Decision at Delano
26 min color Eng SCA
Documents the drama and controversy of the historic Delano grape-workers' strike beginning in 1965. CALIFORNIA NEWSREEL; MGM/UA HOME VIDEO; 1967

El Teatro Campesino
61 min b&w Eng SCA
Presents a history of El Teatro Campesino (the theater of the farmworkers) from its beginning in the fields by boosting the morale of striking Mexican-American farmworkers and winning over non-strikers to its present role as theater committed to social change on a broad front. NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION; INDIANA UNIVERSITY AV CENTER; 1970

Frontline Series
Award-winning documentary series investigates a broad spectrum of contemporary social issues. See individual titles for descriptions.
Assault on Affirmative Action
Living Below the Line

Harvest of Shame
54 min b&w Eng SCA
Depicts the problems of the migrant farm worker; analyzes factors contributing to the situation; and indicates several possibilities for alleviating the conditions. CBS NEWS; CRM/MCGRAW-HILL FILMS; 1960

Henry Boy of the Barrio
30 min b&w Eng SCA
Documents two years in the life of a Mexican-American youth in the ghetto of a major Southwestern city. A S H FILMS; 1968

60 min color Eng SCA
Portrait of a Chicano youth gang as seen through the eyes of vatos (gang members), or homeboys, as they call themselves. FOCAL POINT FILMS; CINEMA GUILD; 1978

How's School, Enrique?
18 min color Eng SCA
A documentary film which depicts some of the educational and environmental problems that are faced by Mexican-American youth. FERGUSON FILMS; BELL, DAVID; 1970

I Am Joaquin
20 min color Eng JSCA
Rudulfo (Corky) Gonzales' historical poem of the Chicano experience is dramatized and accented by the music of modern mariachi brass and ancient temple drums. EL THEATRO CAMPESINO; 1900

La Bamba
103 min color Eng SCA
Musical-biography of recording artist Ritchie Valens, a poor Mexican-American who became a rock-n-roll star at age 17. Lou Diamond Phillips and Esai Morales star. Directed by Luis Valdez. Not cleared for public performance. COLUMBIA PICTURES; RCA/COLUMBIA PICTURES HOME VID; 1987

108 min color Eng SCA
Dramatizes the political awakening of a Chicano Green Beret and Vietnam vet sent to the jungles of Nicaragua to fight with the Contras agains the Sandinistas. Directed by Haskell Wexler. No public performance. LUCASFILM/LATINO; CBS/FOX VIDEO; 1985

Lemon Grove Incident, The
58 min color Eng SCA
Docudrama recreates the events surrounding the Lemon Grove, California School Board's decision in 1930 to build a second school to segregrate Mexican-American students. KPBS-TV; CINEMA GUILD; 1985

Ligia Elena
7 min color Spa SCA
Animated film based on a song by Ruben Blades is a lively put-down of consumerism, snobbery, and racism. Film by Francisco Lopez. In Spanish; no subtitles. LOPEZ, FRANCISCO; FIRST RUN FEATURES; 1983

Living Below the Line
58 min color Eng SCA
From the Frontline series. Documentary about the state of welfare in America. DOCUMENTARY CONSORTIUM; P B S VIDEO; 1984

Lo Espanol, Hoy, en Los EE. UU.
52 min color Spa SCA
Depicts the role of Hispanics in America today. In Spanish. No English subtitles. RADIOTELEVISION ESPANOLA; FILMS FOR THE HUMANITIES; 1988

Los Mineros
58 min color Eng SCA
From The American Experience series. Shows and tells the history, spanning nearly fifty years, of the Mexican-American miners in the Morenci and Clifton region, Arizona, and their union's battle for non-discriminatory, fair labor practices in the copper industry. WGBH EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION; P B S VIDEO; 1991

Los Mojados
86 min color Spa SCA
Translated as The Wetbacks, the story follows the adventures of an undocumented immigrant who witnesses a massacre of illegal aliens along the Mexican border. No public performance DAVISON & KRASNER; WORLD VIDEO; 1986

Mexican-American: The Invisible Minority
38 min color Eng SCA
Five million Mexican-Americans, our second largest and fastest growing ethnic minority, are struggling for an identity within the protest movement. NATIONAL EDUC TV & RADIO CTR; INDIANA UNIVERSITY AV CENTER; 1969

53 min color Eng JSCA
A documentary on the plight of the migrant farm worker in America concentrates upon conditions in Florida. NATIONAL BROADCASTING SERVICE; FILMS INCORPORATED/PMI; 1970

Milagro Beanfield War, The
118 min color Eng SCA
Based on John Nichol's novel, which mixes fantasy and reality in its portrayal of culture clash in a New Mexico village. No public performance. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS; MCA HOME VIDEO; 1988

Murals of East Los Angeles, The
37 min color Eng JSCA
Deals with the visual and artistic revolution that has graced "El Barrio del Este de Los Angeles". RKO GENERAL PICTURES; LA LUZ CINEMA VIDEO PROD; 1976

One River, One Country : The U.S.- Mexico Border
47 min color Eng CA
Reveals that along the Rio Grande River dividing the U.S. from Mexico, a third country is emerging, neither Mexico nor the U.S., but an uncomfortable combination of the two. CBS NEWS; CAROUSEL FILMS INC; 1986

Other Faces of AIDS
58 min color Eng SCA
Sets out to show that white male homosexuals are not the only people who are contacting the AIDS virus, but that numbers are increasing in the black and Hispanic communities as well. MARYLAND PUBLIC BROADCASTING; P B S VIDEO; 1989

Puerto Rico: Paradise Invaded
30 min color Eng SCA
Documentary on issues of vital importance to Puerto Rico. LATIN AMERICN FILM PROJECT; CINEMA GUILD; 1900

Salsa: Latin Music of New York and Puerto Rico
52 min color Eng SCA
Explores the origins of Salsa, the exuberant dance music of Latino communities in New York, as well as Puerto Rico and Cuba. Includes performances, interviews, and recording sessions with Salsa stars such as Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Ruben Blades, Charlie Palmieri, and Ray Barretto. HARCOURT FILMS; SHANACHIE; 1988

Salt of the Earth
94 min b&w Eng CA
Film re-creates an actual year-long strike of Mexican-American zinc miners in New Mexico. Available for use only by educational institutions. INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION CORP; VOYAGER COMPANY, THE; 1954

Stand and Deliver
103 min color Eng JSCA
True story of Jaime Escalante, a math teacher at Garfield High in East L.A., who inspires 18 inner city youths to study hard and take the Advanced Placement exam in Calculus. No public performance. WARNER BROTHERS; WARNER HOME VIDEO; 1988

Stephen Jay Gould: Evolution and Human Equality
42 min color Eng CA
Presents a lecture by Stephen Jay Gould, noted paleontologist and expert in evolutionary theory. Restricted to use by Univ. of Michigan groups only. GOULD, STEPHEN JAY; INSIGHT VIDEO; 1987

To Be Somebody
35 min color Eng JS
The nature of counseling; the great need that exists for effective personal counseling in schools and service agencies; how counseling can be a deeply rewarding experience for both counselor and counselee. ATLANTIS PRODUCTIONS INC; 1968

West Side Story
151 min color Eng JSCA
Musical adaptation and update of Romeo and Juliet. Set among rivaling New York street gangs, The Sharks and the Jets. No public performance. UNITED ARTISTS; MGM/UA HOME VIDEO; 1961

World of Ideas with Bill Moyers Series
Broadcast journalist Bill Moyers hosts this 42-part series which includes interviews with noted writers, politicians, economists, philosophers, historians, theologists, etc. who express their opinions concerning where America and the world stand now and what direction we may be heading. Each expert shares his or her ideas on a variety of subjects. See individual titles for descriptions.
Arturo Madrid

World of Piri Thomas
60 min color Eng SCA
Tours Spanish Harlem guided by Piri Thomas, painter, ex-con, poet and ex-junkie. NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION; INDIANA UNIVERSITY AV CENTER; 1968

Yo Soy
57 min color Eng SCA
Provides an update to the 1972 documentary "Yo Soy Chicano" by examining the ways Mexican-Americans have made gains politically, socially and economically over the last two decades. WNET/13TV; CINEMA GUILD; 1985

Yo Soy Chicano
59 min color Eng JSCA
Portrays, through interviews with Chicano leaders and actors dramatically recreating key events in Mexican history, the Chicano experience from its roots in Pre-Columbian history to the present. KCET TELEVISION; CINEMA GUILD; 1972

Zoot Suit
104 min color Eng SCA
Adaptation of the staged play based on the actual Sleepy Lagoon murder case and the zoot suit riots of 1940's Los Angeles. Edward James Olmos and Tyne Daly star. Directed by Luis Valdez. Not cleared for public performance. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS; MCA HOME VIDEO; 1981

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